Understanding Sleep Related Hypoxemia, Its Impact, and Clinical Implications

Understanding Sleep Related Hypoxemia, Its Impact, and Clinical Implications

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Hypoxemia can present in a variety of forms, including cyclical desaturation-reoxygenation and sustained/chronic hypoxemia of varying magnitude and duration. Despite the growing evidence that nocturnal hypoxemia is an important physiologic exposure, there are large gaps in knowledge regarding what patterns of hypoxemia may be responsible for adverse health outcomes. This symposium gathers young and senior experts in biomedical research, clinical science, and epidemiology across the world. It will cover the controversy in the current definitions and measures of nocturnal hypoxemia, the association between different definitions of nocturnal hypoxemia and adverse health outcomes, and potential treatment strategies and recommendations. 

CME credits and/or Certificates of Completion are not provided for this session.

1- Understand the contribution of hypoxemia experimental models to elucidate the mechanisms involved in the physiology and pathophysiology of sleep disorders

2- Learn about the limitations of current definitions and measures of nocturnal hypoxemia and how this issue may affect the association between nocturnal hypoxemia and adverse health outcomes

3- Integrate this knowledge in the management strategies for individuals with sleep-related hypoxemia

Isaac Almenadros, PhD: What Have We Learned From Models of Intermittent, Chronic, and Mixed Hypoxemia?

Scott Aaron Sands, PhD: Effects of Hyperoxia and Hypoxia on Sleep Apnea Pathophysiology

Atul Malhotra, MD, ATSF: Sleep-Related Hypoxemia: Definitions, Adverse Health Outcomes, and Possible Management Options

Vishesh K. Kapur, MD, MPH: Can We Move Beyond the ODI and T90? Practical Implications for Physicians

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