Viral Pneumonia: New Conceptual Approaches to Therapy from Basic and Clinical Research

Viral Pneumonia: New Conceptual Approaches to Therapy from Basic and Clinical Research

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Respiratory viruses are a major threat to humankind. This symposium addresses emerging concepts in the basic and translational understanding of viral pneumonia. Speakers will provide insights into the molecular pathogenesis of severe COVID-19 and influenza pneumonia and attempt to explain some of the bedside observations that garnered attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. Talks will address the unique host response to SARS-CoV-2, the development of host-targeted therapeutic approaches, and the role of distal lung immune cell populations and fibroblasts in acute and chronic lung injury. The enormous societal impact of respiratory viruses makes this symposium relevant to the diverse ATS membership. 

CME credits and/or Certificates of Completion are not provided for this session.

1- Learn emerging concepts regarding host-pathogen interactions that cause severe viral pneumonia

2-Incorporate the new findings regarding host-pathogen interactions into critical thinking about human viral pneumonia

3- Apply the critical thinking to patient care, thereby improving the conceptual understanding of severe viral pneumonia and perhaps enhancing the care of patients with virus-induced ARDS

Rachel Zemens, MD: Introduction: Virus-Induced Lung Injury and Repair of Lung Damage

Adolfo Garcia-Sastre, PhD: Influenza and Coronaviruses: Is the Host Response Unique?

Jamie L. Hook, MD: Alveolar Responses to Influenza Viewed by Live Lung Imaging

Paul Glyndwr Thomas, PhD: Therapeutic Targeting of Fibroblast Responses to Influenza Lung Infection

Benjamin David Singer, MD, ATSF: New Insights Into the Immune Response to SARS-CoV-2 From Human BAL Fluid

Andreas Wack, PhD: Influenza, IL-6, and Monocyte Dynamics in the Lung

Karen M. Ridge, PhD: Symposium Wrap-Up

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