Race And PFTs: Use, Controversies, And Alternatives

Race And PFTs: Use, Controversies, And Alternatives

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Session date: May 21, 2023

Currently, ATS/ERS guidelines recommend the use of race-specific equations for the interpretation of spirometry. However, their use has recently been the subject of intense debate due to concerns that the equations may inappropriately normalize lower average lung function observed in Black and Asian populations. The session will present research related to why race-specific equations are used and what the potential harms and benefits of their use may be. Additionally, the session will highlight proposed alternatives to race-specific equations from the literature and discuss pros and cons of their use.

• Understand the scientific justification for, potential benefits of, and potential harms from the use of race-specific equations
• Improve interpretation and clinical application of PFT reports via understanding of how race-specific equations impact percent-predicted PFT values
• Describe potential alternatives to current interpretation strategies and race-specific GLI equations, and their impact on patient care

Sanja Stanojevic, PhD
Aaron Baugh, MD
Rosemary Adamson, MBBS, ATSF
Meredith Mccormack, MHS, MD
Nirav Bhakta, MD, PhD

Race-Specific Equations: Why We Use Them, What We Know, and What We Don't
Prediction of Clinical Outcomes with Race-Specific Versus Race-Neutral Equations
Implications for Care and Impact on Health Disparities
Proposed Alternatives to Race-specific Equations: Possibilities, Pros and Cons
Panel Discussion with Q+A