Advancing Clinical Issues To ATS And Capitol Hill: The Oxygen Therapy Exemplar

Advancing Clinical Issues To ATS And Capitol Hill: The Oxygen Therapy Exemplar

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Session date: May 23, 2023

Do your patients face difficulty in getting adequate access to supplemental oxygen? This session will cover novel oxygen delivery systems for outpatient use and upcoming innovations in oxygen delivery. A particular focus will include current barriers to oxygen delivery, regulatory limitations which impair access to adequate oxygen, and ATS advocacy needed towards legislative change. ATS’s involvement in advancing this clinical issue to health policy change will be addressed. Finally, the session covers the next frontier in access to home respiratory support, highlighting patients’ and providers’ challenges after the recent recall of non-invasive ventilation devices and advocating for those issues.

    Describe two challenges or barriers to patients’ oxygen therapy as related to CMS regulations and/or DME Companies Incorporate approaches from ATS Clinical Oxygen Guidelines to address patients’ oxygen therapy concerns Describe two strategies ATS members can use to effectively advocate for legislation related to oxygen therapy.

Nicholas Kolaitis, MD, MS
Nicholas Kolaitis, MD, MS
Jean Rommes, PhD
Don Hayes, MD, MS, MEd, ATSF
Jerry Krishnan, MD, PhD, ATSF
Susan Jacobs, RN, MS
Gary Ewart, MHS
Helena Schotland, MD, ATSFS
Sharron Crowder, PhD, RN, ATSF

Introduction of the Session
Setting the Tone: Capturing the Patient's Perspective 1
Setting the Tone: Capturing the Patient's Perspective 2
Listening to the Demands for Improvements: Innovations in Oxygen Delivery
It's Reality for Our Patients: Challenges/Barriers Related to CMS Regulations and DME Companies
ATS Means Family and Family Means Nobody Gets Left Behind: ATS Responses to Oxygen issues
To Capitol Hill and Beyond: ATS Government Relations and Your Advocacy on Capitol Hill
Access, Recall and Care, Oh My!: The Next Frontier in Advocacy
Questions and Answers