Beyond Transcriptomics: The Next Frontier In COPD/Emphysema

Beyond Transcriptomics: The Next Frontier In COPD/Emphysema

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Session date: May 21, 2023

Therapeutic discoveries have not kept pace with the significant, world-wide burden of disease associated with COPD/emphysema. No major class of drugs has introduced for COPD therapy in decades, suggesting the urgent need to delineate disease mechanisms that will facilitate drug discovery. Multiple recent publications have detailed at single-cell resolution the cellular transcriptional response to chronic smoke exposure and COPD/emphysema, particularly in the in the distal airways and alveoli. This session will explore approaches, including the integration of multi-omic datasets and the application of longitudinal cohorts and novel model systems that will extend understanding of disease mechanisms to facilitate therapeutic discovery.

• Apply emerging data to identify cell types and lung compartments injured in COPD to more accurately discuss disease biology and likely disease trajectories with patients to improve care quality
• Understand existing gaps in the knowledge of pathobiology in COPD
• Identify emerging resources and data being applied to facilitate future therapeutic development

Maria Basil, MD, PhD
Maor Sauler, MD
Michael Cho, MPH, MD
Rhiannon Werder, PhD
Enid Neptune, MD, ATSF
Xin Sun, PhD
Maria Rosa Faner, PhD, BSc

RASCs, BASCs, or TASCs? ASCing What Cells in the Respiratory Bronchioles Contribute to COPD Pathogenesis
CAPitalizing on Single Cell RNA Sequencing to Identify Dysregulated Alveolar Endothelium in COPD
Integrating GWAS Signals with Omics Datasets to Identify Causal Variants in COPD
Application of Human iPSC Model Systems to Illuminate the Functional Contribution of COPD GWAS Genes to Cellular Phenotypes
Novel Signaling Pathways as Potential Therapeutic Targets in COPD Pathogenesis - Presentation withheld at the speaker's request
Can Insights from the Pediatric Lung Teach Us About COPD?
Leveraging Multilevel Profiling of Longitudinal Cohort Participants to Illuminate COPD Endotypes