Cardiac Arrest: New Science And Changing Guidelines

Cardiac Arrest: New Science And Changing Guidelines

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Session date: May 23, 2023

Randomized trials in cardiac arrest and post-arrest care have increased dramatically in recent years. Critical care personnel are commonly involved in cardiac arrest resuscitation and the ICU care that most patients who achieve return of spontaneous circulation require. The latest on cardiac arrest management and care of the post-arrest patient will be discussed, with a focus on topics where new evidence is available or where significant controversy remains, and a survivor’s perspective will be presented.

• Understand the evidence (or in some cases lack thereof) behind current cardiac arrest and post-arrest treatment guidelines
• Gain knowledge about long term outcomes of cardiac arrest and treatments that may improve these
• Learn about cardiac arrest survivorship and the needs of individuals recovering after cardiac arrest

Lars Andersen, MD, PhD
Jason Bartos, MD, PhD
Katherine Berg, MD
Sarah Perman, MD
Anezi Uzendu, MD

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