Caring For Historically Marginalized Patients: Ethical, Legal And Advocacy Primer For Providers

Caring For Historically Marginalized Patients: Ethical, Legal And Advocacy Primer For Providers

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Session date: May 21, 2023

In this symposium, we consider practical ethics involved in the care for a wide range of patients with vulnerabilities, due to lack of representation, that may be underappreciated by their providers: internally displaced people and refugees seeking asylum; individuals along the spectrum of criminalization from arrest to incarceration; patients without consistent housing; and those without legally-recognized heteronormative relationships. Additionally, we acknowledge, across all topics, of the effects of systemic racism that disproportionately disenfranchise communities of color. This session presents ethical challenges while also proposing a framework for advocacy for these patient groups from the bedside to the seats of government.

• Understand complexity around care and decision making for patients who are undocumented or crossing state lines to seek medical therapies not offered in their home state
• Recognize and mitigate issues surrounding care of incarcerated patients and clinician interactions with law enforcement
• Define new strategies to understand ethical issues surrounding patients medical decision making for patients limited health literacy or with non-traditional alternate decision making structure, or no legally authorized representative

Sarah Beesley, MD, MSc
Marsha Henderson
Maya Venkataramani MD, MPH
Matthew Griffith, MD, MPH
Erin Demartino, MD
Kathleen Akgun, MD, MS, ATSF
Alison Turnbull, DVM, MPH, PhD
Sandra Staveski, PhD, RN, CPNP-AC
Sarah Beesley, MD, MSc

Intro: Practical Ethics: Caring for Underrepresented Patients in the ICU
A Patient's Perspective
A Chilling Effect: Immigration Policy and Documentation Status-Related Challenges to the Delivery of Critical Care for Immigrant Populations
Serious Mental Health, Home Insecurity and Family Estrangement: Clinical Challenges in Medical Decision Making and Patients Declining Treatment
Advocating for the Rights of Justice-Involved Patients
Decision Making for ICU Patients Without Heteronormative Partners/Surrogates
Navigating Variable Legal Access to Standard Therapies Across State Lines
Reducing Stigma During Home Care Transition Education Out of the ICU of Low-Literacy Parents of Children with Heart Disease
Questions and Discussion