COPD 2021: State of the Art

COPD 2021: State of the Art

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This course will provide a state-of-the-art update on the pathophysiology, clinical progression and course, assessment and management of COPD. It will also shed light on recent and ongoing clinical trials and outline evidence-based pharmacological and non-pharmacological management strategies. In addition, interventions to prevent of COPD exacerbation will be discussed. Attendees will be updated on the evolving knowledge on COPD phenotypes, endotypes and biomarkers as well as recent advances in understanding the genetic aspect of this disease. Finally, the course will also outline unmet and future research needs.

CME credits and/or Certificates of Completion are not provided for this session.

1- Identify challenges associated with the contemporary assessment and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) based on evidence-based clinical practice guidelines recommendations

2- Learn new findings and gain competence in providing pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of COPD

3- Recognize unmet needs for future research in the field

Ravi Kalhan, MD, MS. : Disease Progression of COPD: What Have We Learned from Clinical and Cohort Studies?

Peter J. Barnes, MD, DSc, ATSF: Novel Insights on the Immunopathology of COPD

Craig P. Hersh, MD, MPH, ATSF.: Insights from COPD Genetics

Yvonne J. Huang, MD, ATSF.: The Role of Microbiome in COPD: Evolving Knowledge

Victor Kim, MD, ATSF.: New Concepts in the Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Bronchitis

Dave Singh, MD, NP. : Biomarkers for COPD: Are We There Yet?

George R. Washko, MD.: Role of Radiologic Imaging in COPD

Jadwiga A. Wedzicha, MD, ATSF. : Prevention of COPD Exacerbations

Gerard J. Criner, MD, ATSF. : GOLD 2021: An Update

Frank C. Sciurba, MD. : Bronchoscopic Interventions in COPD

Nicholas Hart, MD: Non-Invasive Ventilation in COPD

Anne E. Holland, PhD: Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Home: Can It Be Done?

Jessica M. Bon, MD, MS, ATSF: Assessment and Management of Comorbidities in COPD

Roberto Benzo, MD, MSc: Promoting Self-Management for a Behavior Change in COPD

Nicola A. Hanania, MD, MS, ATSF: Bronchodilators in COPD: An Update

Mark T. Dransfield, MD: Inhaled Steroids in COPD: Friend or Foe?

Ian D. Pavord, MD: Novel Pharmacologic Targets for COPD

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