Leaps And Bounds: Reducing Healthcare's Carbon Footprint

Leaps And Bounds: Reducing Healthcare's Carbon Footprint

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Session date: May 22, 2023

Climate change threatens human health with a disproportionate burden on vulnerable populations. Human activities contributing to climate change include burning of biomass fuels and resultant emission of greenhouse gasses. A ‘carbon footprint’ reflects the effect that a person, group of people, or industry has on emissions. Healthcare providers and systems directly contribute to and treat climate change’s negative effects on health. Thus we are both responsible for and uniquely poised to take a leadership role in individual and industry response to the climate crisis. Presented are multiple potential points of healthcare system intervention to reduce the pace of global warming.

• Define the healthcare industry’s contribution to emissions and climate change
• Understand and apply interventions at the individual and system levels to reduce, eliminate, or reverse healthcare’s environmental impact and emissions
• Describe approaches and participate in effective advocacy to reduce the carbon footprint of healthcare both at a provider and system level

Jodi Sherman, MD
Hari Shankar, MD
Alexander Rabin, MD
Robert Laumbach, MD, MPH
John Balbus, MD, MPH

Scope of the Problem: Healthcare Sector Pollution and Climate Change
Changing How We Work: Hospital Operations
Treatment Choices: A Case Study in Inhalers
The Commute: Implementing Climate Action Plans for Transportation
We have an Important Voice: Care Providers as Climate Actors