Neuro-Immune Interactions In Lung Development And Disease

Neuro-Immune Interactions In Lung Development And Disease

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Session date: May 21, 2023

The vagal nerve integrates afferent and efferent peripheral nerve fibers that control the functions of a large number of internal organs including the respiratory tract. Chronic inflammation drives plasticity of those neurons, contributing to increased neuronal density in a variety of pathological conditions including asthma and chronic cough. In addition, evidence is building for a role of the nervous system in guiding immunological responses. In fact, neuro-immune interactions are recognized to play key roles in inflammation and remodeling in a variety of chronic lung diseases. As a consequence, there is a need to review current concepts surrounding neuronal development, neuroplasticity and neuro-immune interactions in chronic lung disease.

• Understand the anatomy and function of the airwayneural network in development and physiology
• Understand how the airway neuralnetwork is altered in chronic lung disease
• Integrate this knowledge to better understand how current and prospective pharmacological and nonpharmacologicaltreatments modifying the airway neural network, improve symptoms in patients with chronic lung disease

Xingbin Ai PhD
Xin Sun, PhD
Matthew Drake, MD
Erica Herzog, MD, PhD
Dirk-Jan Slebos, MD, PhD

In Utero Development of the Pulmonary Nervous System
Dissection of Neuroimmune Control of Lung Function in Animal Models of Disease
Airway Neuroplasticity in Asthma
Macrophage Derived Netrin in Fibrosis
Targeted Lung Denervation for COPD