Obesity-Related Asthma: Mechanistic Studies Begin To Inform Therapeutics

Obesity-Related Asthma: Mechanistic Studies Begin To Inform Therapeutics

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Session date: May 24, 2023

Obesity-related asthma is a well-established distinct asthma phenotype that is poorly responsive to current asthma therapeutic approaches. The lack of responsiveness to medications highlights the need to identify alternative management strategies. This symposium will discuss breakthrough findings over the past 2-3 years on biologic mechanisms underlying obesity-related asthma that have directly informed therapeutic approaches distinct from traditional asthma management.

• Understand the cellular effects of obesity-mediated complications on the lung
• Understand the contribution of obesity-related metabolic complications and that of therapeutics targeted to these metabolic complications to asthma outcomes
• Understand the contribution of oxidative and nitrosative stress on obesity-related asthma and the dietary interventions to ameliorate these effects

Jennifer Ingram, PhD, ATSF
Deepa Rastogi, MBBS, MS, ATSF
Anne Dixon, MA, BM BCH, ATSF
Fernando Holguin, MD, MPH
Loretta Que, MD

The Devil Is in the Detail: Exploring the Cellular Effects of Obesity-Mediated Complications on Obesity-Related Asthma
Are Immune Perturbations Associated With Obesity-Related Asthma Ready for Prime Time Therapeutics?
Is Obesity-Related Asthma a Bystander to Benefit From Treatment Strategies for Obesity-Mediated Metabolic Perturbations
Can Dietary Supplements Be Repurposed to Address the Contribution of Oxidative Stress to Obesity-Related Asthma
The Role of Nitrosative Stress in Obesity-Related Asthma: A New Arena for Therapeutic Development