Physical Fitness And Lung Health

Physical Fitness And Lung Health

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Session date: May 21, 2023

This session will focus on the critical role of physical activity and conditioning in supporting respiratory health and improving patient quality of life. It will explore the current science on exercise and cardiorespiratory health, technologies to engage patients in physical activity, and the critical role of pulmonary rehabilitation in preserving respiratory health.

    Describe current 'state of the art' evidence supporting the role of physical activity in maintaining lung health Improve the quality of life/health status of patients by assessing technologies that may encourage patient engagement in physical fitness initiatives. Describe new findings related to the role of pulmonary rehabilitation in preserving lung function and improving quality of life for individuals with lung disease

Kaitlyn O`Grady
David Mannino, MD
Carolyn Rochester, MD
Asha Chesnutt, MD
Mary Beth Brown, PT, PhD

Every Mile Changes You: A Patient's Perspective
The Role of Physical Conditioning in Respiratory Health
Pulmonary Rehab to Support Physical Conditioning
Monitoring and Tracking Physical Activity: The Role of Wearable Tech
Exercise for Chronic Lung Conditions: What is the Evidence?