Precision Medicine In Pneumonia

Precision Medicine In Pneumonia

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Session date: May 22, 2023

Pneumonia is a leading cause of death globally. With the current approach to pneumonia, which includes diagnosis by symptoms and chest radiograph and management with antibiotics, morbidity and mortality remain high. Precision medicine calls for multidimensional characterization of a patient to identify factors that may indicate favorable responses to an intervention. The identification of phenotypes and endotypes are crucial for the development of targeted therapies in pneumonia. In this session, experts will introduce the audience to emerging research that supports the presence of phenotypes in pneumonia and discuss clinical tools that can enhance precision medicine in pneumonia.

• Improve precision in the diagnosis and management of patients with pneumonia utilizing clinically available resources like guidelines and culture-independent diagnostic tools
• Understand the existing phenotypes and endotypes in pneumonia and methods to evaluate their trajectory over time
• Define and implement research strategies to characterize patients with pneumonia

Barbara Jones, MD, MSc
Daiana Stolz, MD
Charles Dela Cruz, MD, PhD, ATSF
Maria Rosario Menendez Villanueva, MD
Richard Wunderink, MD

Rules of Improv: The Role of Pneumonia Guidelines in Precision Medicine
Multiplex PCR to Enhance Precision in Diagnosing Pneumonia 2
Multi-Omics Approaches to Endotyping Pneumonia 3
Immunologic Phenotypes in Community Acquired Pneumonia 4
Mapping the Trajectory of Pneumonia Phenotypes Using Novel Clinical Endpoints 5