An Integrated System: Impacts of Skeletal Muscle and Cardiac Physiology in COPD

An Integrated System: Impacts of Skeletal Muscle and Cardiac Physiology in COPD

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This session will provide a broad and expert overview of the clinical impact of cardiac, lung and skeletal muscle dysfunction in COPD. Speakers will draw on recent advances in understanding of basic science to discuss the outstanding issues in these fields, specifically the aetiology of skeletal muscle pathophysiology in the stable and setting of acute exacerbation of COPD, the impact of disordered pulmonary physiology on the exercise training response and the physiological significance of lung-heart interactions in COPD. The impact of lung/heart/muscle pathophysiology on exercise training and pulmonary rehabilitation will be explored throughout the symposium.

CME credits and/or Certificates of Completion are not provided for this session.

1- Understand the causes and consequences of abnormal lung, cardiac and skeletal muscle physiology in COPD

2- Offer the molecular and cellular basis leading to the design of novel therapeutic strategies to better treat the systemic manifestations and/or comorbidities in chronic respiratory and cardiac disease

3- Provide knowledge on the most recent technical advances in therapeutic strategies: nutritional support and other technological achievements in pulmonary rehabilitation and physical activity promotion

Paul Greenhaff, PhD: Metabolic Physiology of Skeletal Muscle in COPD: What Does It Tell Us About Pathophysiology?

Neil James Greening, MBBS, PhD: Acute Muscle Loss During Exacerbation of COPD: Why Does It Happen and How Do We Measure It?

Tom Dolmage, MSc: Physiology of Exercise Training in COPD: Do We Need a Different Approach?

Isabelle Vivodtzev, PhD: The Pressure Is On: Impact of Pulmonary Mechanics on Cardiac Function in COPD

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