Asthma Hot Topic 2023: Which "ICS Plus Bronchodilator" Reliever For Which Patient?

Asthma Hot Topic 2023: Which "ICS Plus Bronchodilator" Reliever For Which Patient?

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Session date: May 21, 2023

Evidence regarding use of a reliever coupled with inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) in asthma has been mounting and there have been substantial changes in guideline-based recommendations in recent years. Currently, three reliever options are available; short-acting beta-agonist (SABA), ICS plus SABA, and ICS plus formoterol. This symposium will review the current evidence, research gaps, controversies, implementation challenges and equity around the clinical application of each reliever option in asthma in a broad range of patients and settings (mild-severe, pediatric-adults, international-US). The session will enhance understanding of how to choose and use asthma relievers in clinical practice, and identify future research needs.

• Understand the evidence behind various options for asthma reliever inhalers, and their strengths and potential limitations. The audience will be able to fill their knowledge gaps about reliever inhalers for both pediatric and adult patients
• Learn about the practical application of each reliever option for different populations and settings (pediatrics, adults, US, international) and gain knowledge on how to integrate the decision on the choice of reliever in asthma patient management
• Improve the understanding of challenges and remaining implementation and research gaps in reliever therapy in asthma. The audience will be able to identify implementation gaps in care and begin to develop methods to address those gaps

Kaharu Sumino, MD, MPH
Juan Cardet, MD, MPH
Helen Reddel, MBBS, PhD
Fernando Martinez, MD
Fernando Holguin, MD, MPH
Helen Reddel, MBBS, PhD
Kaharu Sumino, MD, MPH

Introduction, Current Options for Asthma Reliever and the Guidelines
Use of ICS Plus SABA As-Needed in Asthma
Use of ICS Plus Formoterol As-Needed in Asthma
Pediatric Perspective of Reliever Therapy in Asthma
Challenges and Equity in US and Global Perspective Surrounding Choice of Relievers in Asthma
Panel Discussion/Questions: Panel 3
Panel Discussion/Questions: Panel 6