Establishing A Paradigm For Multidisciplinary Care In Sarcoidosis

Establishing A Paradigm For Multidisciplinary Care In Sarcoidosis

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Session date: May 24, 2023

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory multi-organ disease with a wide variety of clinical manifestations that requires a team approach to address the needs of patients. Oftentimes patients lack the resources to navigate the complex health care systems. The challenges are exacerbated by the fact that sarcoidosis disproportionately impacts Black patients and these patients are also impacted by entrenched institutional biases in medicine. This session will propose to improve our current models of care to meet the needs of the patients, and will propose the concept of "primary sarcoidosis specialist" as an alternative to current models of care.

• Understand our current systems of practice, how they limit access and the specific concerns patient with sarcoidosis have
• Learn about ways to improve multidisciplinary care and access to care
• Discuss ways to improve our structure/practices/systems to reduce disparities

Garrie Farrow, NA
Divya Patel, DO, MBA
Peter Sporn, MD, ATSF, FCCP
Logan Harper, MD, MSCR
Vivienne Kahlmann, MD
Yvette Cozier, DSc, MPH
Michelle Sharp, MD, MHS

My Experience with Getting a Diagnosis and Treatment for Sarcoidosis
The State of Sarcoidosis Care
The "Primary Sarcoidosis Specialist"
The Burden of Sarcoidosis on Patients
Non-Organ Related Manifestations of Sarcoidosis
Social Determinants and How They Impact Sarcoidosis Care
Measuring Outcomes to Improve Care in Sarcoidosis