The Long And Winding Road: The Future Of ICU Outcomes Research

The Long And Winding Road: The Future Of ICU Outcomes Research

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Session date: May 24, 2023

We aim to provide an update on the latest evidence and persistent challenges surrounding the field of improving long-term outcomes in critically ill patients. In recent years, trials aimed at improving long-term outcomes have largely been unsuccessful, suggesting that it may be time for a critical re-examination and “reboot” of our current conceptual models. In this session, speakers will discuss the current evidence base, lessons learned, implications for current practice, and crucial next steps to advance the field forward.

• Summarize the latest research on long-term outcomes after critical illness, including describing newly recognized key domains of survivorship
• Examine the evidence for interventions aimed at improving long-term outcomes in ICU patients and explore barriers to their success
• Understand the strengths and limitations of commonly used measures to assess the long-term impact of ICU interventions

Christopher Cox, MD, MPH, MHA
Jason Falvey, PhD, DPT, PT
Nita Khandelwal, MD, MS
Wendy Lichtenthal
Douglas White, MD
Anica Law, MD, Msci

Is It the Forest or the Trees: Prioritizing Short Versus Long-Term Outcomes After Critical Illness
"She Just Needs More Rehab:" When and Why Aggressive Rehabilitation May Not Be Enough
Money Matters: Is Financial Hardship a Missing Key Outcome in Post-Critical Illness Studies?
Combating Psychological Trauma with EMPOWER: Results of a Multi-site Trial for Surrogate Decision-Makers of Critically Ill Patients
To Consult or Not to Consult?: Why Palliative Care May or May Not Change Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients
The Glass is Half ... Prognosticating Long-Term Outcomes